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  Best Approach to Combination Skin    

Stabilize dry and oily zones in skin through use of hydroxy acids, antioxidants, and collagen-promoting ingredients to create balanced skin tone and texture.

  Your skin is considered Combination
if it demonstrates any of the following:
  • Small to medium-sized pores.
• Excessive oiliness in T-Zone, with occasional breakouts in this area, while cheek and eye areas are dryer.
• Benefit from modifying skincare according to season or geography. In warmer months or climates, cleansers and moisturizers for oily skin work best, while in cooler conditions, the skin may need more moisture.

  Recommended Skincare Regimen for Combination Skin    
  AM   PM  
Gentle Facial Cleanser 
Citrus Antioxidant Toner Pads
Skin Renewal Serum
Daily Defense Replenishing
Moisturizer SPF 36

  Gentle Facial Cleanser 
Extra Gentle Make-up Remover with Vitamin E
Retinol Night Repair (twice weekly)
Multi Complex Night Renewal Cream
Eye Area Renewal Complex
Clarifying Facial Mask (weekly in T-zone area)


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