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Best Approach to Sensitive Skin

  Calm irritated skin by reducing inflammation through the use of mild skincare products designed to gently cleanse, hydrate, and diminish effects of over-stimulated skin without over drying.    
  Your skin is considered Sensitive
if it demonstrates any of the following:

  • Can be exacerbated by too much sun, wind, or environmental factors. Medications, poor diet, and hormonal changes may also be factors.
• Post-surgical skin or skin treated with lasers, microdermabrasion, or chemical peels.
• Responds to soothing topicals such as aloe, hydrocortisone, and nourishing moisturizers.

  Recommended Skincare Regimen for Sensitive Skin    
  AM   PM  
Gentle Facial Cleanser 
Topical C Antioxidant Gel
Hydro-Seal Moisturizer
Ultra Sheer Sun Shield SPF 30
Aloe-Cort Cream (spot treatment)
  Gentle Facial Cleanser 
Extra Gentle Make-up Remover with Vitamin E
Multi Complex Night Renewal Cream
Aloe-Cort Cream (spot treatment)
Eye Area Renewal Complex
Daily Hydroxy Peel (use weekly instead of daily)


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